Nice to meet you

Hi there ya'll!!!

I am Celia Garza the owner and main photographer of Celia D. Photography. I recently graduated from The Art Institute of San Antonio with my BFA in Digital Photography. I have had a passion for photography since as long as I can remember. I use to sneak my dad's cameras and Take photos of everything. I tried so hard to understand and do things with the camera until I decided to go to school for it. 

Sports Photography was my first love because I always wished I could remember a certain play and so I took it and ran with it. I decided to learn about it. I even interned with Tony Morano who is a well known sports photographer in and around San Antonio. I learned alot with him and to this day I am still learning from him.  Just because I love sports photography doesnt mean that is all I do/ I love Senior/ Graduation because I love the transition part of it all. I recently have been doing small weddings and events. So please Check out my portfolio and let's book something.