About Me

Hey everyone,

I am Celia D. I am 29 years old and just living my dream. I have a huge family and am the baby of my immediate family so wind up cameras and Polaroids have always been in my hand as I grew up.  There is quite an age gap with my siblings so my nephews and niece are closer in age to me than my siblings, but it made for a great life because it was like I got to have my cake and eat it too. They came over, hung out, we got in trouble and then they left and I was still the perfect child.  I still was able to be the baby and have something close to siblings but needless to say I was spoiled. Maybe still am. Ha!  I got into photography several years ago by following my nephews Isaac and Dominic around in their sports.They lived in a small town so they both played almost every sport.  Before that, I always had a point and shoot in my purse or pocket to document my life and things going on in and around me.I was a vain teenager but I also loved remembering the moments around me. I loved going to Wal-Mart and picking up my 4×6 prints to see how the images came out and go over the memories. Slowly but surely, I decided I wanted to learn more about photography and so I decided to attend  The Art Institute of San Antonio.  It has been a great experience and I cannot wait until graduation in June 2017. Photography is an amazing art and I love to try new things with it all.