Details make Pefection, and Perfection is NOT a detail

Have you ever looked back from an event you attended and could not remember certain pieces or what color the tablecloth was? After photographing a few weddings, quinces and events, I have come to realize that the details in the photographs really help tell the story. Pictures of the jewlery, flowers, centerpieces, cake and decorations really helps tell the story. So much time was spent on making sure every detail was perfect so why would someone not want to remember their effort and time they put into it. Plus, it is always nice to go back and get a refresher when reminiscing with loved ones.

When I did my first quince, there were things I forgot to photograph, stories I forgot to tell, things that meant were key to her story but I was very inexperienced. When I went to do the edits, I could feel that pieces were missing and that there were parts I missed because the story was not complete without some of the images I missed. I felt so bad knowing that it was my fault and that their story was missing pieces that I could not replace. It was defintely a lesson learned and from that day forward, I make sure the details are not forgotten.

Rings are so beautiful to utalize because there is always so much detail on them and it is something people love. They cherish them so much already so let them show them off through their images. You can play with the rings and give them something special to remember. details, wedding, wedding photography, san antonio wedding photography, wedding rings, wedding day, diamonds San antonio wedding photographer, Celia D Photography

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Like I said earlier the list can go on and on about what details to get. If they paid money for it, take it and let them decide if they like it later but you do not want to wish you got the image later on because sometimes an image is priceless.

Here are a few more favorite details from previous events.