Hey ya’ll,

I am Celia Garza. Thanks for coming to my website. I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I do. I take pride in what I do and I love every minute of it also. I am a native of San Antonio, a daddy’s girl and my mama’s world.  My family is my everything and are a big part of who I am. I love doing photography of all sorts but Sports photography and Senior portraits are some of my favorite. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Phototgraphy from The Art Institute of San Antonio.  I was a Nikon girl for several years but during my internship I used a Canon 7D Mark ii. I fell in love and made the jump but I use both still because I cannot give up my Nikon D810. That camera got me through most of school and when i upraded from my D3200 it was a huge leap so I have all kinds of emotions towards my Nikon.

San Antonio Sports Photography

Sports have always been a big part of my life. I grew up playing every sport and fell in love with softball and played year around for 9 years. My love for sports photography has always been there but I fell in love with it when my sister’s boys, my nephews, started playing. They played every sport as young children and I wanted to remember all the times we shared and places we had traveled. I started with a Nikon coolpix camera and stayed with that for several years. As they grew in their sports I had to advance in my camera because I wanted to freeze action shots.  I do action shots in every sport. I also do individual and team photos. I like to do more with the team photos. I do not like to do the ordinary, boring two lines witht he tall kinds in the back and the short ones kneeling in front and the coaches on the side. I also have began to start photographing with SAsports so look for at games and say hello.

San Antonio Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are always so much fun because they are usually finding out who they are and like to add that in the image so it every session is different. Although, short and sweet seems fun, I really like to make sure the family gets what they want because these will be looked at for years to come so I want them to really give off their personality. I want to take things from throughtout their high school years that will be remembered on in their portraits.


Update: I have recently been doing small weddings and second shooting for larger ones. I love romance and love so it takes over me and I cannot help myself. The details of the day that tell the love story and it becoming full circle makes my heart flutter and keeps my passion alive for photography. I love telling stories with my images. I would love to tell your love story with the smallest details to remind you of the whole story all over again.


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